EMT Management Inc. provides our customers with prompt, professional service at reasonable pricing.  We specialize in Safety and Emergency Training Programs, which include:

Fire Warden Awareness Training

This two-hour program will provide participants with an understanding and skills to act safely and effectively as part of a team during a fire emergency.

Supervisory staff and team members will be familiar with fire emergency procedures and their duties in regards to a fire alarm:

  • emergency responders will be able to identify a fire emergency;
  • emergency responders will be able to carry out their duties; and
  • designated supervisory staff will appoint and organize their team to respond to fire emergencies.

This training will promote effectiveness in conducting an orderly evacuation and potentially minimizing injury and the spread of fire.

EMT Management's goal is to provide information to supervisory staff and team members to work safely and confidently to manage a fire evacuation as per Section of the current British Columbia Fire Code and Vancouver Fire Bylaw.

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