Gunther Gottgetreu

Gunther is a twenty six year fire service veteran from the Tri-Cities Area in Greater Vancouver.  As Captain in charge of a fire department fire suppression team, Gunther’s experience has been in fire department operations, while also having excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.  In addition, Gunther was responsible for fire pre-planning, fire inspections with fire crews, fire suppression training, public education, fast attack fireboat operations, and fire by-law infractions.

Prior and during his tenure with the fire service, Gunther operated a home based business specializing in technical writing, mechanical design, design of printed circuit boards, and installation illustrations of electronic products.

Gunther is proficient in the AutoSketch CAD software, Adobe Photoshop, and MS Word.  Upon retirement from the fire service in 2003, Gunther applied his skills to create Fire Safety Plans and Fire Operation Manuals for EMT Management Inc.